Meditation ~ The Ultimate Stress Buster - Stress Therapy


Meditation helps with stress 100% of the time. This is mostly why everybody seems to be talking about meditation…Quite a lot. But how many people do you know they're actually doing it? Every single day? If meditation was a pill it would be a trillion dollar business! The health benefits of meditation are astounding, but only if you are actually meditating regularly and still we just can't seem to get it into our lives daily. 

Meditation is about as good for you as water, people!

So why aren't we doing it? And more importantly, how can we get meditation into our lives for real and for good so we can reap all of those magical benefits? We will cover this today (and it's WAY easier than you think!) so you're not a poser, a wisher, a tryer, a binge meditator, a crisis meditator but an actual, daily meditator without stress, procrastination or excuses! 

The single most important skill to learn in order to get way better at stress is meditation! So, let's learn about AND do it, together!

Breath Appreciation Meditation 

Meditation Music by Sonic Yogi