Ethereal Collaborations 

Ethereal is a Spreaker iHeart Partner and we have collaborations with Edgar Cayce A.R.E. and Reiki Rays

  • Please use our contact form to reach us about brand collaborations and business partnerships. - Content Partners click the link to see our document suggesting which gear to use along with interviewing tips.

The Ethereal Network broadcasts shows and films about metaphysics, natural health and uplifting content (self improvement, overcoming obstacles, spreading positivity, becoming happy and successful.) Our goals are to entertain, educate, inspire and uplift humanity!

We collaborate in a variety of different ways with other individuals, businesses and non-profits: Many of our content partners are individuals, businesses, brands, non-profits or community groups who create self-produced videos they upload into our network - we call this process Ethereal Video Direct. Ethereal content providers do not pay Ethereal to upload their content into our network, nor do we pay them to broadcast their content. It's a win-win situation for everyone: we get content and you get exposure on our platforms. 

Ethereal content partners must interview with us to join the network and upload your content into our website and be broadcast on tv. The agreement you make with us includes creating weekly exclusive content to keep our audience engaged with your show. 

Some of our content providers are television producers, filmmakers and film distributors seeking an ideal streaming tv network for their productions. Some of our content providers are executive producers who pitch new tv shows or docuseries they wish to co-produce with us - which would be a more complex collaboration than Ethereal Direct Video.

Some of our content providers wish to plan a tv show or film reboot or revival - which is to bring a show or film series back from cancellation.

Some of our content providers are podcasters ready to take their show to the next level and launch a vidcast (video podcast.)

And some of our content providers will live stream their classes, such as: yoga, tai chi, meditation, exercise, stretching, breathwork, mindfulness, arts and crafts, and so much more.

Brand Collaborations are individuals, businesses, non-profits or community groups who work with Ethereal on a joint venture to mutually benefit both our brands. Collabs can take many forms. If you wish to participate in a show brainstorming session, fill out this mutual nondisclosure agreement to freely share ideas: Mutual NDA

We cultivate brand collaborations with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our goal of broadcasting content that makes the world a better place. Each brand collaboration is unique, but they all involve both brands supporting and promoting the other in some regard - often via marketing, advertising and/or public relations.

Some of our brand collabs will involve content co-creation and/or distribution and others will involve co-hosting events (expos, conferences, retreats,  conventions, music concerts, etc.) that will be live streamed or prerecorded for broadcast. We are open to brand collaborations with: yoga studios, holistic health centers, integrative medical or psychotherapy practices, retreat centers and metaphysical groups that produce classes/courses or lectures. 

Some of our brand collabs will be a three-way tie, meaning our brand has a collab with another brand that we can bring to the table to co-create something: an event, class, conference, retreat, show, docuseries, film, etc. - that benefits all of our brands.

To be clear, we do not establish brand collaborations with groups or people to create infomercials because we don't broadcast infomercials.

Business Sponsorhship of Non-Profits 

We encourage and support business sponsorship of non-profit docuseries and films. 

Funding the production of a docuseries or film highlighting the work of an amazing non-profit is a great way to promote your business brand and help make the world a better place by letting people learn about the good works these organizations do that viewers might never otherwise know about. 

If you want to promote your business in this manner, we can connect you with a non-profit who is a fit for your brand (a dog food business with a dog rescue organization, for instance) that wishes to create a docuseries or film about what they do. 

If you already have a non-profit in mind that you wish to support, contact us to make sure they are a good fit for our network.