Proof That Meditation Prevents & Heals Your Body & Soul


You need a daily meditation practice before you NEED it. Don’t wait until something horrible happens to get on the cushion. Being a “crisis meditator” is tough…Why add to a stressful situation by trying to pick up a new healthy habit at the same time?? Especially when that very healthy habit can help you alleviate every stressful event to come!

Think of meditation more like brushing your teeth…do it each day to prevent a dental crisis (or at least make it not so bad). Just a bit of focused attention each day and you won’t believe how meditation can prevent and heal your body and your soul.

I’m going to tell you a personal story about someone close to me that was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Already having a solid meditation practice, he was able to use the skills to help them get through what was the single most horrific time in his life. And furthermore, he and his team of doctors were convinced that it would have been FAR worse had he not had a meditation practice already in place!

You can't afford to wait anymore…let’s start meditating together today!

The Saw Meditation Meditation

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