Ask Louisa! Episode 3 - Getting Back On Track


In this episode, I help 4 individuals who asked me for guidance with 'getting back on track', after some greulling years of intense difficulty. Using intuitive astrology, and 'mum skills', I offer my best advice.. Listen in to see if there's a message that resonates with you too. Continue reading to hear some of the feedback from the participants!

'Thanks so much Louisa I just listened and it makes perfect sense, the timings all match up and I feel sooooo much better you have no idea! Great timing since I was having a very rare bad day! Much love, Rose'

'Well worth the wait!!! My mind is quite blown, to put it mildly. Besides the very encouraging signs about the move, every single point you extrapolated was absolutely 100% on-point, to an eerie degree… especially the whole “fixed-fixed emotions/freedom seeking” paradox which has played such a strong role throughout my life. So many questions, this has both reassures me and aroused my curiosity.  Could we maybe book a private session in the next few weeks to dive a bit deeper? Thanks very very much for all of this, it was a spectacular birthday gift. Love and peace-Todd'
'Hello Louisa, Once I listened to the video I needed to take a day to gather my thoughts and thank you properly. Everything you said in the video was more than correct. Astrologers are the only ones who really know me lately and understand me. I was also very glad when you said the best remedy for me is nature and spirituality. I’ve been in nature a lot more since March and learning about spirituality since last year. I feel a big step is needed and changing my environment has to be my priority. I want to thank you again for being so generous and shared your knowledge. I’m beyond grateful and I’m certain I will book a reading with you one day. I didn’t have a favorite astrologer before you and I’m not just saying that. I love how you paint a big picture. How you combine past, present and future stories. I feel you are such a kind person and I love hearing your voice. Until next time,32.png32.png' Kaja