New Awakenings - Judith Stevens Joins the Podcast


As a student of the Cayce material for over 45 years, Judith is a fountain of wealth when it comes to all things Cayce. Her employment spans multiple decades. She is currently the National Outreach Manager. Judith also founded the Prison Outreach Program. If that wasn’t enough, Judith is a poet, musician, and yoga instructor. She joins the show to discuss the myriad of programs and educational opportunities offered by Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

Judith's personal experience with Gladys Davis Turner was what drew her to get involved with the study groups, which would ultimately impact her career and desire to help spread the teachings of Cayce. Her work with the Prison Outreach program filled a tremendous need. It currently impacts over 40,000 people in jail worldwide. She recently conducted a women’s integrated retreat which brought 25 strangers together and created lifelong bonds between them. Judith is a vibrant example of how A.R.E. “walks the walk” and is truly of service to the global community.