S1 E1 Dragon Atlantis-Avalon Past Life Connections

Avalonian and Atlantean dragon activates your memory of past life connections in Avalon - Atlantis for Lightworker Connections, with trance-channeling


In this inaugural episode of Higher Realm Activations on the ethereal TV network, Rachel Chamness introduces her approach to ascension through connections with higher-dimensional beings.

As a Liquid Reiki Shamanic Sound Healer, Rachel channels the Avalonian and Atlantean dragon, Sereaketelka, to guide Lightworkers in connecting deeper into Gaia's fifth-dimensional grid. Sereaketelka speaks of what Ascension means for Lightworkers. Then, Sereaketelka connects you to your past life in Atlantis-Avalon where you trained as a Lightworker.

The session includes a liquid Reiki shamanic sound healing to clear the weight of the 3D matrix and messages about personal ascension, density release, and working with spirit guides.

Rachel also explains the significance of sacred circles, shares her experiences and insights from trance channeling, and pulls a card from her Elemental Magic and Manifestation Fae Oracle Cards to encourage viewers to embrace life and take risks.

Welcome to "Higher Realm Activations with Rachel Chamness". In this show, you'll watch trance channels of Ascension Guides and be connected to higher realms through higher dimensional grids and healing with Rachel Chamness, a Shamanic Channel and Mentor at Sound Waves Heal.