Episode 1: Calling All Medicine Women


Mother Earth is calling us. Will you answer the call? Medicine Woman show invites you wisdom that our ancestors knew for living in harmony with all of our relations.

In this first episode, you are invited to a series of initiations that set you on the path to becoming a medicine person. You cannot turn back once you say yes and move through these initiations--so be sure of your Sacred Yes!

Learn how awareness begins showing up the moment you choose to walk the path of being a medicine woman. Once you become aware of something, you can never go back to the way you thought before you became aware. Awareness opens up our perception to see life through new eyes by peeling back layers of false reality and false beliefs to reveal ever more true perceptions of life and ourselves.

During this episode, we give a brief history of why there are so few active medicine people on the planet compared with the population. We learn about the primary qualities of a medicine person that will help us all move through the challenging times ahead on Earth. You will experience a ritual to open sacred space that will change your life if you perform the ritual daily. And we glimpse a rare view of the Kogi medicine women in a sacred ceremony.

We hear from Mary Olivar, Vice President of the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange about their program to fortify Kogi Spiritual Women’s Wisdom in Colombia. In collaboration with the Kogi Nation, CSEE has worked to deepen and share spiritual midwifery practices among the Kogi in Colombia, celebrating the sacred wisdom passed down by the holy women of the Kogi.

Learn about the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange here: https://shamaniceducation.org/expanding-horizons/

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Mary's professional adventures have all been founded on promoting healing plants, vibrant healthy living, and a higher awoken consciousness. Dubbed the “Healthy Eating Guru” for Whole Foods Market, she inspired people to take charge of their health through the natural tools and resources available to them. Mary also volunteers as a leader for Shamanism without Borders, the global response network of shamanic practitioners who tend to traumatic events. When not espousing the virtues of plants and deepening one's connection to Mother Earth, Mary can often be found in Austin, Texas, singing, joyfully dancing, gardening, or happily cooking for her well-fed children.