Is a Past Life Affecting You? Break Free & Reclaim Your Power

Insider view of a clairvoyant reading by expert clairvoyant, Dr. Amirah Hall. Stuck and striving for abundance? Intuitive Superpowers can help! Join Farah's clairvoyant healing session with Dr. Amirah Hall. Discover how to clear emotional blocks and reconnect with your intuition to achieve success.


Feeling stuck and unworthy of success? You're not alone. In this episode of Intuitive Superpowers, Dr. Amirah Hall takes you inside a powerful clairvoyant healing session. Witness Farah's journey as Dr. Hall unveils hidden emotional blocks impacting her self-esteem and ability to receive abundance.

Explore past life influences and clear negative energy patterns that sabotage progress.

Learn practical techniques to build boundaries and reconnect with your own intuition.

Join Farah as she experiences a shift towards freedom and discover how this might apply to your own life!