Auric Fields: Yours and Other Peoples'

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Amirah Hall
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Join Dr. Amirah Hall as she explores auras and unseen energy fields that reflect our health, emotions, and spiritual connection. Imagine yourself as a radiant being with a vibrant aura, constantly changing with your thoughts and feelings. Positive energy creates a bright aura, while negativity creates a dull one. The focus isn't on psychic phenomena, but on cultivating your inner light - the source of true power and protection. Through meditation, you can strengthen this inner light and heighten your awareness of your aura. This guided talk will take you through a meditation to connect with your inner light and perceive the colors and vibrations of your own aura. By nurturing your inner light, you can cultivate a positive aura, fostering your own well-being and radiating positivity to others. This is just the beginning of your exploration of self-discovery and spiritual growth. We'll delve into the fascinating world of auras, those unseen energy fields that surround us. Learn how these auras interact with your health, emotions, and most importantly, your spiritual connection. Don’t miss the Aura Balancing Guided Meditation to help you clear and balance your auric field, connecting with your inner light.