My Near Death Experience in Egypt & Journey to Spiritual Transformation

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Amirah Hall
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In the video, Amirah shares her personal story of spiritual awakening and transformation. It all began during a tumultuous period in her life, marked by health struggles, the end of her marriage, and the loss of her father. Seeking healing, she explored alternative therapies and spiritual practices. Amirah delved deep into her journey, studying ancient mystery schools and embarking on a life-altering trip to Egypt. There, she encountered mystical experiences, interacting with goddess figures and entering out-of-body states. A pivotal moment came when Amirah had a near-death experience after inadvertently consuming marijuana in Egypt. This profound event sparked a revelation about love and interconnectedness. Despite the challenges, Amirah's journey led to a profound understanding of herself and the universe. She shares insights about manifestation, emphasizing the importance of presence and self-awareness. Overall, Amirah's narrative reflects her journey through different realms of consciousness, highlighting the transformative power of spiritual awakening. It's a deeply personal tale of growth, healing, and the pursuit of purpose.