Exploring the Sacred Plant Medicine of Ayahuasca with Vipul Bhesania and Pamela Downes

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Pamela Downes
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Live the Call Podcast #03: Join us on a transformative journey as we delve into the profound world of Ayahuasca. In this special episode, your host, Pamela Downes and special guest Vipul Bhesania share their personal stories of being called to the sacred plant medicine. Discover how Ayahuasca ignited a deep friendship, sparked healing journeys, and inspired a shared mission to guide others along their path to unlocking the potential of this and other ancient healing modalities. Tune in as we explore the profound impact of Ayahuasca and the power it holds to facilitate profound personal growth and spiritual awakening. #Ayahuasca #SpiritualJourney #Healing #Friendship #SpiritCalling #Rythmia #AyahuascaRetreat

Find out more about Vipul's work at: https://vipulbhesania.com/ https://www.instagram.com/vipulbhesania/ https://vipulbhesania.com/books/

Join us on a journey of spiritual awakening and purpose as we delve into personal stories, wisdom, and insights from guests who, like you, are navigating the waves of spiritual growth. From trance channeling to building a life filled with love and light, each episode offers authentic and vulnerable conversations to support your unique awakening journey. If your soul is ready to embrace the call, join us on the other side.

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