May Channeled Message from the Great Council of Light

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Pamela Downes
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May Unveils a Month of Expansion and Empowerment: Embrace the Shifts, Prepare for Challenges, and Step Into Your Magnificence!

Energy update for May:
May is a month of expansion for all. Even those who are not open to the ways of the truth. For in this month the energy coming to your planet will be vast and limitless, extending opportunities to empower oneself, creating frequencies of abundance and vastness for opportunity that you desire for your future. The month previous to this was challenging, creating contrast for you to see what you are releasing and what you desire more of. Now this month you have called in the future that you desire. You have worked on releasing old patterns and subjects from your life.

This month you will have empowerment in yourself and your life. You will empower yourself to create new ways of being and pathways to your future. You will meet and connect with others who are in alignment with your future desires, and you will suggest to the world that you are truly who you are now without masks and preconceived ideas. You are stepping fully into who you are and what you are meant to do in this world. The shifts that are happening are coming quickly. You are now meant to decide which direction you want to go in with this new information. You get to create these ways for the future. You are now at the precipice of change for you will be ready for the shifts that are coming quickly to your planet. You will sit in the seat of supporting once again. All moving forward in the same direction. All here to support the masses. You will also assist with supporting these individuals in the future. You have come and others have left. All here understanding the call to be here.

Tremendous difficulties are coming. Strife and contention this summer. You now must prepare for the challenging time ahead. Your world is shifting, and you are shifting in the highest ways now towards extending yourself and your frequency into the new pathways for your future and what a future it is. Bright with love, substance, and connectivity. Shall you desire to obtain it, you shall. Shall you desire to sit in sorrow and demise, you shall. You are in control of your destiny and having an understanding with how to navigate it is at your fingertips here within your beloved community. Be all that you can be to yourself and your loved ones for they will eventually turn to you for guidance seeing the advancements that you have made within your life. You are magnificent creator beings and defying the probability of the bounds of this world.

Monthly lesson:
You are here now to learn that love is not just a feeling or an extension of affection that you show someone that you care for.

Love is the very essence of energy that holds the entirety of the cosmos together.
Love is a frequency.
Love is the ignition of life on your planet in small ways like plants, birds and light.
Love is the very thing that breathes life into your being.
Love is the extension of yourself to another that shows kindness and caring in a way that is outside of yourself, not serving yourself.
Love is the container of omnipotent advancements for frequency that continues from one thing to another. Continuing and never dying. Carrying with it the frequency of connection, perseverance, and unity.
Love is all that is.
Love is the smallest extension of yourself in the amount of life. You are not merely small beings wandering around on a planet floating within the sky. Solely here to serve yourself until the day that you die and somehow go to a place called heaven. You are here to understand that with which is love.

Love the everlasting energy that holds the universal thread together and combines frequency, thought and extensions of dynamic frequency, that continues to advance in your world and others worlds. You have learned different ways of being from different scholars and poets on your planet. You have seen technology advance within your world in a short amount of time, but what you have not seen is the evolution of love to connect all that is. You are not shown that in your science books and your everyday communications. You are left to figure that part out on your own. A remembrance of your soul. A rekindling of you within the physical and energetic form. A rekindling of you and all that is, for when you remember that you are a part of the greatness of all that is, the stars, the moon, the sky, the omniverse, the fragments of realities that extend far beyond what you can perceive or understand. You realize that you are a piece of life in the vast state of all that is. You suddenly realize that you are a piece of earth’s existence yourself. You have traveled to be with earth at this very time. To understand life in this way and this form.

Be at one with this lesson Dear Ones. You are strong and your minds are strong. You are here with the expressed purpose to learn. And learn you shall. Keep your eyes and ears open for new bits of information that you see scattered within the news and media. Scattered within your everyday lives. Scattered within your understanding for all these pieces will form the larger puzzle that we speak about. The fragments of your reality are starting to move away from one another to let the reality of all that is pushed through and be seen. Mere mortals on a planet that has been controlled and not let free to be as it should. Once again, the lessons of reality and this lifetime and others. For in this lifetime, you were created to learn again, and again over many lives. The religions of your world are all trying to piece together the same story. A creator being, much higher in frequency, understanding, energy forces that carry the cosmos together to create planets. Followed by physical form and dimensions. Depicted as moments in your world when things were made, judged, and deciphered as false or good. It is truly not so. It is not limited in that way. As we spoke of earlier. You are all interconnected. The forms of religion are man-made and thoughts forms that are constructed for your reality. We have told Pamela that she is aligned with Fatima. The knowledge here is the story of your history and what it meant in that particular time. Aligning with visions and speaking of future events to the masses. That is what we are speaking about. A cross transfer of sorts. Connecting the inner and outer worlds to mesh and connect. Stay in the mindset of understanding that you are loved, and you are above all a frequency and here to learn lessons. Be kind and loving to others and realize that you are here to learn.