April Channeled Message from The Great Council of Light

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Empowering Change: The April Guidance from The Great Council of Light

In the April channeled message from The Great Council of Light, they emphasize active participation in shaping our reality. Balancing time, energy, and goals is key, alongside clarity and attunement to our vibrations. Each day offers a chance for growth and self-awareness, urging us to confront fears and unlock our soul's potential. It's a reminder that every moment presents a choice—fear or love and growth.

April 2024 Message:
Participation is key now Dear Community. Balancing yourself for your time, energy and partisan objectives are now at the forefront of your world. Keeping your intention clear and paying attention to your individual vibration is what you should put at the forefront of your day. Each morning take your mind, and placement of it, into a place of understanding that you will move forward through your day with clarity and ease. Understand that you must create a space within your day where you can stop and listen to your spirit. Allow that voice within you to permeate your thoughts and have itself heard by you. The observer. The witness of your thoughts. You are the evolutionary mind that runs your persona. You are the being that is housed within it. You are the all knowing being that rises each morning and cherishes the day or walks throughout it never thinking about growth or learning. You have every moment in front of you to choose what it is that you would like to accomplish within each day. Be it growth of your mind, growth of your relationships or growth of your spirit. You get to make that choice. Have we not said that you are the sum of our experiences. Yes, you are. Within that knowledge you would most definitely want to increase those loving and growth experiences to be greater within your day. You would most definitely want to increase your level of understanding your own soul's growth and help yourself to release the bounds that you have upon it. You would most definitely want to understand the growth that your soul needs in this lifetime. For this is indeed the time you have to work on that advancement. For within that lifetime if you have not learned the lessons that are before you, you will come back and do that lesson again and again.

Those of you who have not listened to the call to help your soul advance know that you sit within fear. It is your sole job to help to elevate your soul body now. That might mean different things to different people within your community. That might mean that you are witnessing the betrayal of women in your world, that might mean that you don’t understand the harm of animals and delicate species of your planet. That might mean that you are concerned with the climate and energy states of your planet. YOU are sensitive beings with a connection to all that is. You have inside of you a gauge with which in order to use for all experiences and understandings. YOU can choose to grow or you can choose to hold yourself back. And not advance. For in that holding is fear. Fear that you need to deal with. You may have been beaten and bruised by a loved one. You may have been betrayed by your beloved. YOU may have been hurt by a neighbor and do not understand what it is that you have done. The resorter or methods and the witness of acts of unkindness. You do not need an apology from any of those experiences. What you do need is understanding of that experience in order for you to grow your soul essence. For within that growth you will understand your place among the stars. Among the perfect being that you are. Among the perfection that is all that is. You are among that on a continual basis within each moment of your day. You are the manipulation of your world. Everything that you create, you have brought to yourself through your understanding, your energy and your vibration. What you expect from that experience is what you will receive. Be it the man who has no love. He expects to not love or to have love delivered to him. For the man that knows love is able to see love in all things. It is a mighty man who can see the love within all things. Within each lesson of your life. Within each experience that he has within his lifetime. An old man may look back on his life and witness the absence of love and wish for that experience just before his death. As long as he has that desire, it will come to him. Profound methods of universal intelligence will all conspire to bring that experience to him.

We are all the sum of our experiences. You are experiencing alignments beyond your perception. To be in an allowance of that is a miracle. Not knowing how each turn will happen or be ridden upon. You are merely allowing yourself to experience the conclusion of your desires. Nothing holding you back and nothing betraying your thoughts. Be human and yes experience the feelings that are solely human. Impatient, worry, fear, denial. Be in that moment for a second and then suddenly realize you were there and in order to leave that vibration, think of something else that shifts your perception in an instant for that is all it takes dear community. One moment can change your life.