March Channeled Message from the Great Council of Light

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Unlock the Wisdom Within: March Channeled Message

The Great Council of Light's message for March is now available on the portal! This month, we're delving deep into the profound wisdom of "Value is in the Eye of the Beholder."

The message explores the intricate nature of value and perception, reminding us that each experience holds its unique worth within our lives. From moments of love and abundance to challenges and growth, every fragment of our journey contributes to our understanding and evolution.

Join us in embracing the transformative power of this message as we navigate through the complexities of our existence. Click below to access the full message and embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

March 2024 Message:
Value is in the eye of the beholder. For you once thought something that was rich in price and cost, and valuable to others because of its rareness or virtues, was special and worth its high cost. Value is in the eye of the beholder for the beholder sees the value within it by what their experience is. Each one of you is the sum of your experiences. Each experience has manifested in your life for you to learn from. Each experience is and holds a ‘value’ to you. Holding within the fragments of your life, your love experiences, your scarcity, your trouble, your elevation, your systematic responses, your continual growth. Each one now holding a fragment of you within it. Each one teaches you how to enhance your knowledge from within that experience as Jeffrey has taught. Become the value of your experience by understanding your place within that time of your life. Preparing your mind to seek the value in each. Be it one of struggle or strife. Be it one of consideration or betrayal. Be it one of large magnitude that you expanded from in a magnificent way. As you advance your spirit on this earth plane, you are enabling your capacity for knowledge of love to expand. Each experience that you hold within yourself is a magnet for others like it. If you are the holder of tumultuous experiences you will magnetize more of the same. If you are the manifester of wealth, you will magnetize more of the same. If you are the manifester of scarcity, you will manifest more of the same. Each residing in the frequency of that experience and understanding the value of it and calculating it over and over again for that deservership of it is limited in its belief. But if you are the magnetizer of lessons and understanding from those experiences, you will learn from within each one not to learn what you magnetized to yourself. How to manipulate energy and manifestations to create other more elevated experiences. Once an individual understands how to manipulate the matter of their existence, they can calculate what they desire more of. You, Pamela, are one of those individuals. You were able to see better and then align with more loving experiences and then from within those experiences you were able to envision more of those types of experiences and so on. Elevation of spirit is also elevation of character. Advancement of knowledge allows you to witness the difference and see it within its physical form. Elevation of wisdom allows you to be the witness of all others’ perspectives to see what it is that they are bringing more of into them.

Be the man who is lonely and knows nothing of love. He is only a witness of his own loss. He is only the witness of nothing that resonates with the frequency of acceptance and therefore he denies himself something more, for he does not feel worthy of it. There are others who have had love once and it has passed and gone. They are the witness of loss and are in deservership in their minds of a loss of love. A real dying, longing, love affair, within the capacity of that type of love it does not need to be within the romance realm. For that frequency exists in nature, it exists in the space of life itself. This individual has a unique perspective that is unique to their experience. Profiling ideas that intuit others who have the capacity to download guidance and resonate in elevated frequencies can call other types of experiences into their existence. All have this calculation with themselves, but are bound by concept and betrayal that lower their frequency and therefore their understanding of love.

If you desire a more loving planet, you must be the existence of love in a world that is barren from it. You must exhibit love in each action and thought. Each word and reflection to the word that you desire. There is a statement that one can make change and that is true for more people who do not resonate within that mindset, they are conditioned to coward and recede. Be the reflector of love. Be the caster of desires and the wave of love that will start with just your one action will catapult and without restraint to encompass all with love.