Transformation & Renewal with Judith Stevens l Reflections

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Welcome back to Reflections: The Wisdom of Edgar Cayce. On our first episode of 2022, we are talking about core aspects of personal transformation and renewal - an important and fitting topic for the new year and the fundamental principle of our mission statement: "to create opportunities for profound personal change in body, mind, and spirit through the wisdom found in the Edgar Cayce material."

Our guest is Judith Stevens, a student of the Cayce material for over 45 years and currently our National Outreach Volunteers Coordinator. Judith shares insights on three key topics in the Cayce material, acceptance, forgiveness, and being of service, to help us on our journey of spiritual transformation. We invite you to listen and discover the powerful messages of renewal that the Cayce material has to offer.

If you would like more information or have questions for Judith, she can be reached at or at 757-457-7237.

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