Colors of Love

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Colors of Love - Short Film
Created for the Orlando Independent Filmmakers AURA challenge.
Shot on iPhone 14 Pro Max

Colors of Love follows the remarkable journey of a spirited 10-year-old boy whose world is turned upside down by an unforeseen tragedy. In the blink of an eye, his vivacious and carefree existence takes a somber turn as his beloved mother is diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. Struggling to come to terms with the harsh realities of life, he embarks on a transformative odyssey that will tug at your heartstrings like never before. As the young protagonist navigates the labyrinth of emotions, the absence of dialogue only intensifies the depth of his experiences. Through heartrending moments and heartwarming interactions, he discovers profound truths about love, family, and the unbreakable human spirit.

If you want to support Michelle and the medical bills you can go here:

Colors of Love received 10 nominations at the Aura film festival hosted at the Altamonte AMC in Orlando FL. The film won three awards including Best Picture.

Best Picture - Truopio Productions
Best Lead Actress - Michelle Procopio
Best Sound - Zaren Chavez

Best Picture - Truopio Productions
Best Director - Jason True
Best Story - Michelle Procopio & Jason True
Best Cinematography - Jason True
Best Lead Actress - Michelle Procopio
Best Lead Actor - Davis Lindros
Best Music - Nathan Raught
Best Editor - Zaren Chavez
Best Sound - Zaren Chavez
Best Production Design - Jason True

Directed by: Jason True
Story by: Michelle Procopio & Jason True
Original Music by: Nathan Raught

Davis Lindros
Michelle Procopio

Jason True

This short film was shot on an iPhone 14 pro max.