How to Experience the Afterlife Without Actually Dying!

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Imagine the possibility of experiencing the afterlife before death. Imagine having access to otherworldly experiences without the need for a near-death encounter! Uncover the secrets of the afterlife and find your true purpose in this mind-bending conversation. From encounters with guides from the other side to the profound impact of humor in the afterlife, prepare to question everything you thought you knew. But just as the conversation reaches its climax, an unsettling question lingers: are these experiences genuine glimpses into the afterlife or simply creations of the mind?

Our guest, Regan Forson, a heavenly tour guide, provides us with a glimpse into the soul's journey post God-realization and his insights on heavenly councils and spiritual aid.

“Every session is similar because everybody goes through basically a similar kind of process that they've lined up for people to experience over there. But because everybody's at a different rate of unfoldment or whatever, we're all individual, the sessions have a uniqueness to them which is just. I mean, the hair stands up on my arms. Sometimes I'm sitting next to these people and they're in the afterlife having these beautiful experiences.” – Regan Forston

We speak with Regan Forston, a hypnotherapist who stumbled upon the power beyond just past life regression therapy. Forston, with a success rate of almost 90%, explores the afterlife with thousands of clients. We further discuss the intriguing process behind this therapy and how it serves as a doorway to another world.

We delve into Life Between Lives Hypnosis and the extraordinary experiences it offers. This includes celestial interactions, revisiting past lives, and spiritual enlightenment. We reflect upon the impactful stories shared by those who have accessed the afterlife and how it continues to shape their earthly existence. By the end of this episode, you'll gain a deeper insight into life, death, and the world beyond. Tune in and embark on this enlightening exploration with us.

In this episode, you will be able to:

Embark on a mystical exploration of the dimensions beyond life and discover how understanding the afterlife can profoundly alter your perspective of the world.
Dive deep into the therapeutic process of past life regression and understand its transformative power that helps unravel present life conundrums.
Explore the empowering journey of self-discovery and personal transformation that paves the way for holistic evolution and fulfillment.
Bridge the gap between our plane and the other, learning to communicate with your spirit guides and deceased loved ones for divine guidance.
Gain a new perspective on life's tests, learning to harness resilience as your armor and perceiving challenges as open doors to growth.

Regan Forston is a past board member in charge of public engagement for the Newton Institute. The Newton Institute's mission is to uncover the mysteries of the afterlife. With the help of 250 + trained facilitators scattered over 46 countries, they have discovered what happens to a person at death, where they go and what they do while they are there waiting to reincarnate. This process is called Life Between Lives. With over 70,000 successful sessions, they have, in a sense, mapped out the Afterlife/Heaven. Sessions are now available to anyone in the world. Most therapists have about a 90% success rate with clients.

Regan is author of a book he wrote about his personal experience in the afterlife called 3 HOURS 33 MINUTES IN HEAVEN. He is also a practitioner of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique allowing some clients to experience relief from their health issues.

3 Hours 33 Minutes in Heaven by Regan Forston

Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton

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