Empowering Spiritual Growth with Colby Rebel

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Ready for a spiritual deep dive? An episode that promises to challenge your perceptions and empower your intuition. We're thrilled to have Colby Rebel, the number one psychic of the entire Los Angeles metro area who shares her wisdom on how to differentiate between our ego mind and our higher selves. She's got some insightful tips and techniques that will help you train and trust your intuition.

“Trust your intuition. A great way to do that is noticing how many times, after the fact, you should have listened, you knew something and you didn't listen. And if you had listened, you would have been right." - Colby Rebel

Also…ever thought about turning your spiritual journey into a business? It's not as daunting as you might think. Colby shares her invaluable guidance on how to transition from a full-time job to a spiritual business. From understanding your bills to marketing yourself boldly, Colby's got you covered. She also shares her journey of navigating grief and finding success, a true testament to the power of surrendering to the universe.

And, we haven't forgotten about the mystery that has baffled humanity for eons – what happens after we die? We're exploring life after death, reincarnation, and the evolution of our souls with Colby. Her perspective on the cycle of reincarnation and the concept of 'soul school' will definitely give you some food for thought. We also take some time to discuss the importance of sharing our message and collective spiritual growth.

--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS (timecodes approximate) ---------
(0:00:00) - The Power of Gratitude
(0:09:19) - Connecting With Your Inner Voice
(0:14:11) - Trusting Your Intuition
(0:28:14) - Starting a Spiritual Business With Intuition
(0:38:15) - Navigating Grief and Finding Success
(0:42:27) - Exploring Psychic Abilities and Intuition
(0:50:50) - Exploring the Afterlife and Reincarnation

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Colby Rebel is a certified master spiritual teacher with LWISSD, a 3-time #1 best-selling author for Leap of Faith, Psychic Senses and Coffee with Colby. She was voted LA’s #1 Best Psychic and she is the host of the popular podcast The Colby Rebel Show.

Colby teaches and works as a professional psychic medium in Los Angeles, CA where she owns and operates the Colby Rebel Spirit Center. Colby has been a guest on several TV programs demonstrating her gift of Spirit as well as traveling internationally to teach and demonstrate the power of Spirit.

Guest Info:
Website: https://colbyrebel.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PsychicRebel
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/colbyrebelmedium
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMk8yN7XdwBCFVeQR5OGNtw
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/ @colbyrebelmedium

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