Discover the World of Animal Communication & Soul Paintings with Nicole Harp

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“We can change the world by connecting with animals. They're sentient beings. And we all come from the same source.” - Nicole Harp

On this episode of The Skeptic Metaphysicians, join us as we explore the fascinating world of animal communication and abstract art with Nicole Harp. She shares her journey of combining her love for animals and art and how she interprets the energy of a being into colors and shapes.

Get a sneak peek into some of her soul paintings, including one of Karen's soul.

Have you ever heard any of the myths surrounding animal communication and soul paintings? Maybe you’ve heard that animals lack complex emotions, that soul paintings are just for entertainment, or that animal communication is impossible. Don’t worry, Nicole Harp will reveal the truth about these topics and more!

Nicole had a deep connection with animals and the environment since she was a child - but it was only when she experienced a profound spiritual awakening that she unlocked her unique ability to commune with animals and create stunning soul paintings. What started as a passion for rescuing animals and fundraising has now ushered in a surprising and powerful shift in the way humans connect with their furry friends.

How will Nicole's revolutionary work bring about a more compassionate and empathetic world?

“I feel like the art is healing. I feel like the communications are about healing. What is it that the soul needs for healing?” - Nicole Harp ·

Strengthen your bond with pets by understanding their inner world through animal communication.
Capture the unique energy and spirit of animals in soul portraits, using abstract paintings as a powerful medium.
Unearth your intuitive potential while connecting with spirits and enhancing self-awareness in psychic mediumship.
Unveil the fascinating power of color in evoking emotions, energies, and unspoken messages.
Delve into the transformative potential of art and communication in healing and developing a deeper connection with animals.
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There have always been two sides to Nicole Harp; the Creative Arts side that lives and breathes art, and a compassionate side with a deep connection to nature and animals. While she has always felt she had to shelve her spiritual side, it always seemed to emerge on the canvas in organic brushstrokes and vivid colors.

Nicole is a lifelong artist and designer with a degree from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU.) She has spent most of her career as an accomplished abstract painter, balancing the functions of text and image in her artwork. Now, both sides come together to enhance her multifaceted career as an animal communicator.

Nicole is an animal communicator. She provides consultations for all animal species and communicates with animals in spirit as well as living. She validates by revealing personal details of your animal. This meaningful information authenticates the connection to your animal.

She communicates and answers questions regarding personality traits, likes, dislikes, behavior, health and much more. Any question goes!

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