The Sleeping Prophet: Edgar Cayce and His Wondrous A.R.E.

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On this latest episode of The Skeptic Metaphysicians, we speak with the CEO of the Edgar Cayce ARE, a spiritual and metaphysical center that features a spa, a university, and professional lectures.

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This episode, we discuss how the center collects and researches the works of Edgar Cayce, who is known for dictating profound mysteries while in his sleep. We also dive into the world of metaphysical, spiritual, and esoteric teachings which can be accessed through the center and share a five-star review from a listener who found love and connection through the podcast.

"It's about love. It's about community. It's about bringing light and joy and lifting the overall vibrations and energy level." – Rev. Dr. Nicole Charles

Some of what we discuss on this episode:
· Who was Edgar Cayce?
· Edgar Cayce's Popularity
· Spirituality beyond religiosity
· Edgar Cayce and his readings
· Castor oil remedies
· Historic preservation and rare books
· Metaphysical tools at the ARE
· Labyrinth meditation walk
· Oneness
· Different teachings, same core
· Choosing your own path
· Culinary Medicine

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