Messages from Beyond: Astonishing Encounters with the Afterlife

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In the depths of grief, a skeptical lawyer's world is turned upside down. As she searches for signs from her beloved husband, unexpected messages and peculiar encounters challenge her beliefs. With every twist and turn, her skepticism starts to waver, until finally, a shocking revelation leaves her heart filled with a newfound certainty. Join us on this emotional journey as we explore the unshakable knowing that awaits in the realm beyond...

“I know now that our spirits survive. And that's a lovely knowing to have.” - Louise Hamlin

In this episode, you will be able to:

Embark on a riveting journey exploring diverse beliefs and experiences associated with the hereafter.
Understand the transformative impact of messages from deceased loved ones and their underlying significance.
Master the balance between career, self-preservation, and spiritual contentment amidst a fast-paced life.
Walk through Louise's eye-opening transformation from disbelief to affirmation, stressing how personal experiences can shape beliefs about afterlife.
Learn to sail through the grieving process, detect consolation, and fetch guidance in moments of deep loss.
Our guest today is the incredible Louise Hamlin, who bravely navigated her way through deep personal grief to discover a powerful and unexpected connection with the afterlife. A long-time academic in the field of law at Cambridge University, Louise was initially skeptical of any notion of life after death. However, in the wake of her husband's passing, she experienced unusual signs and messages that opened her heart and mind to a possible reality beyond our physical existence. Her compelling journey is beautifully penned in her absorbing book 'WhatsApps from Heaven.'

Louise Hamlin, a former lawyer, found her skeptical beliefs about life after death challenged after the loss of her beloved husband, Patrick. Their shared skepticism was set in stone, comforted by the notion that death was merely an end to consciousness. Yet, in her grief, Louise found herself searching for signs. Her first sign, a peculiar WhatsApp message from a friend, only stirred her skepticism further. However, when a strong urge guided another friend to consider buying her snowdrops right after she had requested Patrick for them, her skepticism started to waver. Other instances followed, such as a feather on a train seat and random WhatsApp messages opening up on her phone. But it was the creation of two WhatsApp groups named after Patrick and her family that eliminated all doubt. Louise's world had turned upside down. What once was skeptical disbelief had transformed into an unshakable knowing - the spirit survives death.

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A former lecturer in law at Cambridge University, Louise was suddenly bereaved four years ago. She didn't really believe in life after death and so when she started receiving extraordinary signs and messages she was very resistant, but eventually realised that they were from her beloved husband. It was all so mind-blowing that she decided to write an account of what happened, and also to write about her personal experience of grief and bereavement. Her book is “WhatsApps from Heaven”.

WhatsApps from Heaven by Louise Hamlin

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