Messages YOU NEED TO HEAR from a Near Death Experience!!

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Join us on a captivating exploration with Alysa Rushton, who takes us through her incredible journey from death's door to becoming an internationally recognized energy-intuitive and sound healer. Our conversation with Alysa is a fascinating dive into the unseen world, from her riveting near-death experience and her unique outlook on life, healing, and peace, to the profound moments of unity she experienced in the afterlife. Alysa's refreshing perspective on death and the afterlife will surely challenge your own beliefs and views.

“When you work at soul's frequency and make that your purpose and your way, then everything else starts to align and flow and grow and the life starts to blossom – Alysa Rushton

Alysa's narrative is a rollercoaster through different dimensions, timelines, and the etheric plane, where she interacted with trapped souls. Her encounter with the afterlife broke her previous religious constructs, allowing her to have a deep understanding of unity and identity beyond the physical realm. Alysa's insights are thought-provoking, challenging the conventional notions of death and healing and painting a vivid picture of Earth as a classroom where we learn essential life lessons.

In our final segment, Alysa explains her work in assisting individuals to tap into their soul's energy and align with their highest life plan. She enlightens us on how our soul's energy can guide us in our physical, relationship, and financial healing. Alysa’s extraordinary journey from being critically ill to being a beacon of hope and healing is indeed an awe-inspiring testament to the untapped potential we all possess. So stay tuned for an enlightening conversation, and let Alysa's inspiring journey remind you of the vast potential for growth and evolution we all hold within us.

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--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------

Unlocking Personal and Planetary Evolution Secrets
Exploring Different Realities and Etheric Layer
Identity and Unity in the Afterlife
Healing Through Sound and Vibrational Frequencies
Healing, Alignment, and Spiritual Growth

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Alysa Rushton, is a death survivor, internationally known energy intuitive & sound healer who’s thought of as one of the world’s most cutting edge thought leaders on conscious life creation, ascension & embodying your Divine Self. Her breakthrough work for personal and planetary evolution can be found in the recorded programs like Reality by Divine Design and The Miracles & Manifesting Portal and many online summits.

Alysa has inspired thousands of light leaders, students, clients, and listeners from all over the globe to step into their true identity as a Divine Being of light, activate their superpowers, develop a strong and full divine connection and lead from an entirely new radiation of themselves.

When she’s not recording new meditations or speaking internationally, you can usually find her swimming with the sea turtles near her home on the Big Island of Hawaii or hiking in the mountains of Arizona (her home away from home).

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