Embracing Your Truth: Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet


Jenn Bierma's spiritual journey took an unexpected turn when she received a visit from a spirit who introduced her to Jesus as J. This encounter shielded her from the prejudice she had been exposed to, igniting her passion for exploring spirituality and metaphysics.

Despite facing judgment, Jenn remained committed to bridging the gap between differing beliefs with love and kindness. Her journey led her to have deep conversations with people of diverse backgrounds, as well as experiencing the healing power of intuitive messages, including those from Jesus himself.

Join us as we explore Jenn's journey and discover how you too can embrace spiritual exploration with compassion and understanding.

In this episode, you will be able to:

- Discover the benefits of a strong spiritual support system.
- Learn effective ways to approach conversations with love and kindness.
- Gain insights on facing your fears and overcoming judgment in spiritual connections.
- Uncover strategies for honing your own spiritual gifts and reducing reliance on mediums.
- Understand the significance of discernment and setting boundaries in mediumship sessions.

“Just because we believe differently doesn't make one of us a bad person and one of us a good person, or one of us going to hell and one of us going to heaven.” - Jenn Bierma

Jenn Bierma is an intuitive and compassionate spiritual facilitator with a strong passion for encouraging love and kindness in the metaphysical community. With a history of growing up in a religious environment in Minnesota, Jenn has firsthand experience navigating the challenges of embracing spiritual exploration and overcoming judgment from others. Now living in Oklahoma, she uses her unique gifts and empathetic nature to break down barriers and engage in open conversations about spirituality, helping others find a supportive community where they can grow and thrive without fear of judgment.

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Jenn Bierma is an author, massage therapist, psychic healing practitioner and intuitive artist, among many other things. Every aspect of her work is centered around her connection to the spirit world. Her intuitive healing sessions utilize her psychic/intuitive skills to sense dysfunction in both the energetic and physical body. Her unique healing techniques are a combination of energy work, massage therapy, Shamanic healing, sound therapy and intuitive channeling. In a session, she may tap into the energy of your higher self, spirit guides, angels, etheric beings, extraterrestrials, the chakra system, past lives, crystals or spirits who have crossed over. The result is a session that supports balance- physically, energetically and spiritually while leaving her clients (and their body) feeling understood, cared for and relaxed.

When she isn’t working, Jenn fills her life with family, art supplies, drum circles, sage, playful gratitude and as many hugs as she can get. When hugs aren’t available, she substitutes smiles and laughter.

A Life Lived Medium: A Psychics Journey From Fearful to Almost Fearless by Jenn Bierma

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