Divine Wisdom - Episode 4


Religious Belief is Not Wrong
Airing weekly on the Ethereal Network's Spirit Calling channel, this show is hosted by Pamela Downes, the visionary founder of the Spirit Calling community and renowned trance channeler. Divine Wisdom delivers direct messages from our guides, the Great Council of Light, offering profound guidance from higher realms, answering your questions, and shedding light on world events. Join us for an enlightening journey that empowers and elevates!

This Week's Episode:

In this week's episode, we explore the profound truths of religious belief that resonate deeply across life. It reminds us of our connection to the creator and all beings, spanning from the smallest to the largest, across the cosmos. Our existence transcends mere physicality; we carry a divine spark that connects us through time, space, and multiple realms.

Pamela invites special guest Dina Keenan, a member of the Spirit Calling team, to join the conversation. Together, they discuss how, instead of choosing sides, we are encouraged to explore our spiritual essence and limitless potential. Each of us holds a unique spark that guides us to understand our place and share enlightenment with others. Through dialogue and the pursuit of knowledge, we tap into cosmic energy, fostering deeper understanding and connection among humanity.

✨ This Week’s Channeled Message from the Great Council of Light ✨  

Religious belief is not wrong. Do not feel that you have to take sides when it comes to religion. There are truths aligned within religion. There are truths aligned with everything in your existence. You do not need to worry about your existence and if you are worthy of eternal life and God's love. For you are part of God. You are connected to the creator being and all beings small and vast in the entire existence of man and “all” kinds. You are a part of the planets. You are a part of the stars. You are a part of all that is. Omnipotent in your existence, for you are all that is. You are born into a world that is filled with rules and regulations. You must have adherence into a state of cause. You are conditioned to be accepted or betrayed by one or another. The laws of the Universe are all encompassing and do not work with shame being the creator 's punishment for the inability to follow rules. You are given the God sense with your spark of creation alone, not including all of its marks of others. You are not eliminated once your physicality is ended. You carry the spark with you through your energy body to all incarnations on and in all realms. You are interconnected through time and space to all beings everywhere. The vastness that you exist in may be hard for you to conceptualize in this form because of your dimensional limitations, but dear ones you are amazing creatures. Limitless through energy and force. Ideas and creation. You are merely left to your limited understanding in this physicality. Listening to the spark that has brought you here to this platform. For within that spark that is being ignited, you will open up the entire universe to yourself and then to others. You are all enabling the flow of regenerative energy to cascade through the planet to envelope humankind in a new frequency. Continue to ask your questions. Continue to seek knowledge on this platform and others. Continue to seek guidance and have conversations. For you are livening up your self and igniting the wonders of the universe to be discovered. 


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