S1 E3 Alparabeam, Blue Avian Kir, 5D Blue Earth Grid Activation

Alparabeam is a Blue Avian - or Kir Being who Activates you to the 5D Blue Earth Grid for Smoother Ascension


In this episode, Rachel channels messages from a blue avian named Alpar-a-be-am. Rachel, who has a partnership with Alparabeam to bring his messages to the collective, guides viewers through a Liquid Reiki Shamanic Sound Healing sacred circle to prepare the space.

Alparabeam activates listeners to the 5D Blue Earth Grid for deeper ascension grounding and discusses the role of lightworkers in ascending to higher dimensions.

The session includes sound healing, tips on discerning light beings, and an oracle card message from a guardian gnome. Stay tuned for next week's episode featuring Diana/Artemis.

Welcome to "Higher Realm Activations with Rachel Chamness". In this show, you'll watch trance channels of Ascension Guides and be connected to higher realms through higher dimensional grids and healing with Rachel Chamness, a Shamanic Channel and Mentor at Sound Waves Heal.