Divine Wisdom - Episode 1


Step Into the Extraordinary with Divine Wisdom, Your Gateway to the Mystical and the Divine.
Airing weekly on the Ethereal Network's
Spirit Calling channel, this show is hosted by Pamela Downes, the visionary founder of the Spirit Calling community and renowned trance channeler. Divine Wisdom delivers direct messages from our guides, the Great Council of Light, offering profound guidance from higher realms, answering your questions, and shedding light on world events.
Join us for an enlightening journey that empowers and elevates!

This Week's Episode:

In this week's PREMIER episode, Pamela shares her profound journey of spiritual exploration and how she began channeling the Great Council of Light (GCOL). She explains the purpose of the show and how the GCOL guided her to create it. When Pamela asked what the show should be called, the guides intuited the title: "Divine Wisdom."

"Divine Wisdom: Channeled Messages from Our Guides, the Great Council of Light, encompasses all the messages in their entirety. Whether it's a monthly channeled message, a world update for support and ease, or answers to viewers' questions, it will all be heard through this platform. You will receive messages from others' guides, your guides, and even the planets."

This episode delves into Embracing Innate Wisdom and Worthiness to Manifest Desired Outcomes. Pamela Downes explores this topic with insights and channeled messages from the Great Council of Light. We'll discuss its impact on our lives and spiritual journeys, update on world events with spiritual significance, and answer viewer questions. Emphasizing our inherent spiritual understanding and divine connection from birth, the message encourages living authentically and wisely to attract knowledge, wealth, love, and consistency. Don't miss this empowering and enlightening episode.

This Week’s Channeled Message from the Great Council of Light  

Presentation in the way you live your life is essential in producing the outcomes that you desire for yourself and for your future. Creating moments of wisdom within yourself will benefit you tremendously by allowing you to gain wisdom that is best suited for you in the development of your spirit. You are all born with an elevated understanding at birth of the spirit realm and the layers within it. You are all connected to the divine in the early stages of your development as an infant. You come into your mother’s womb as an enlightened being. Swiftly held and carried from the spirit world and given a home in your physical body, within this plane of existence. You are elated to come back into the 3D world to relive the experiences you may have once had previously on this planet, and to learn more richly the lessons of love. Love you say? Yes, Love. For within every moment on your planet of existence, you are learning love. You are a youthful person and lively with energy and exuberance for life. You are manipulated at a young age not to tap into the wonder of life and to strive to pursue unreachable existences to create wealth and honor for your peers and family. But, innately you are to carry the torch of love within you until your eyes can see that you are worthy without pursuit or proof. You are given the right of life and love from the moment you are conceived and in existence on this planet. You do not have to worry or coward, for you are worthy. You are worthy of all that is. You are innate omnipotent beings that are filled with wonder and ease. For if you truly knew the laws  in which you lived within, you would understand that you do not need to worry or want for anything. For everything you desire in the sphere for the taking. Your parents are born into the world with limited understanding and their parents before them. Knowing that you must work hard and have arduous expenditures in order to gain what you desire. For it is simply not so. Release the restraints that bind you to that understanding for within that release you will start to understand that you are worthy and in receivership of all that you desire. Be it in knowledge, wealth, love or consistency within your life. YOU carry the flames of love and that draws all that is to you. 


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