Ep. 2 - Kelley Zamora: Part 1


In the premiere 'regression' episode of "The Past Life Regressionist," host Daniel sets out with Kelley Zamora to explores her past lives. As they journey, they encounter moments of grief, relief, and empowerment.

Kelley meets a significant figure who embodies confidence and power, urging her to awaken to her purpose and use her voice. The session brings forth emotions, with Kelley sharing a message about humanity's need to reconnect with the Earth and each other.

This episode kicks off a three-part series that promises to be thought-provoking. Expect the unexpected and come with an open heart as Daniel and Kelley navigate the mysteries of past lives and the insights they reveal. Tune in to experience the journey and the messages that emerge from Kelley's past.

Kelley's bio:

Kelley is a stay-at-home mom of four, whose Saturn Return brought about a spontaneous—or perhaps soul-planned—spiritual awakening. Upon awakening to the unseen, Kelley has spent the past few years learning, searching, and absorbing every bit of occult and esoteric knowledge and information she could get her hands on. An insatiable curiosity has been her driving force while simultaneously changing countless diapers, attending sporting events, tending to the seemingly never-ending task of laundry, and trying to figure out what to feed everyone for the day. If Kelley is not neck-deep in some astrology book or discussing archetypal themes in her dreams, you can find her outside with her children immersed in nature—examining bones, befriending bugs, or looking up at the moon and wishing on shooting stars. Kelley is a seeker of the mysteries, and she is a mom. Both bring her immense joy and purpose in life.