Episode 2: Discerning the Truth


Mother Earth is calling us. Will you answer the call? Medicine Woman show invites you wisdom that our ancestors knew for living in harmony with all of our relations.

In this second episode, we build upon what we learned in Episode 1, and learn about why we do not perceive things as they truly are. We talk about ways to detect when you are in a false perception, and how you can release that false perception. We learn how to tune into deeper truth, and we explain the responsibility of the medicine woman with discernment of truth. You will learn a sacred ritual for clearing false perception and purifying your mind, heart and will center with fire.

During this episode, we learn the role that the reptilian and limbic brains play in creating a Smoky Mirror, Triangle of Disempowerment, and Mitote that distorts the truth with a chattering mind, keeps us locked in victimization, and prevents us from perceiving things as they truly are.  We learn about these two fear minds that are based in separation and a false sense of being bound by time and material existence.

We learn about the love minds--the frontal cortex and corpus collosum--which give us awareness of the Divine aspects of self, the Soul, and our timeless aspects of Self. And we learn about how medicine women practice Spider Medicine to weave reality in a beneficial way for self and other and all of our relations through storytelling.