The Ethereal Network is the collaboration and synergy of the three co-founders who came together to create a network broadcasting shows focused on metaphysics, natural health and uplifting content to entertain, educate, inspire and uplift humanity!

We are a creative, intutive and collaborative team open to creating partnerships with like-minded individuals, businesses, non-profits and other groups to co-create content that will benefit many.

Ethereal is a Spreaker iHeart Partner and we have business collaborations with Edgar Cayce A.R.E.Reiki Rays and Worldwide Entertainment Studios

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are fast tracking content meetings with potential content partners before we launch in June 2024. If you are highly motivated to join Ethereal and you are able, willing and ready to self-produce your content (with guidance from us), then book a Google Meet with the casting team ASAP:´╗┐